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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton... please ask before doing...

Dear Norton,

I know you since 2007, you were always the only one anti-virus I used every time and every time I changed that, I was very unhappy about performance, design, settings, ... and so many things, that I'm always came back to you :)

But please tell me, why did you start removing files without asking me since 2010?
I mean, sometimes you asked me but nowadays, I almost don't hear much from you, just this is scanning, this is analysing and this has been banned.
Imagine, there are many things which shouldn't been deleted, there are also things, whose I need even if it's a bad tool or else...

Imagine, I learned so much about viruses that I'm almost able to protect myself without a anti-virus, I'm just using it to have a bit more protection for example DBD (DriveByDownload, which it still fascinating me) or phishing (you're doing a very good job there:) ) or firewall (a big thank you because comodo was too aggressive but bitdefender and co was mostly to tolerant)

So please Norton, tell me how can I lead you to work with your user and be a little bit more friendly for a professional :)

Pascal ♥



Re: Norton... please ask before doing...

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