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This forum thread needs a solution.

"Norton Pop-Up"

Maybe I can, later, add a picture, (but It ask a PDF or TXT and I have only pictures format) ... Since several weeks, and as Microsoft calls me to convert into Windows 10, I have a recurrent "Pop-up" saying to donwnload a new version of Norton365 ! The Symantec Agent who should "fix" my computer says that he can do nothing ! I cannot spend my time to erase "fantomatic" program, a constantly "reentry program", disturbing me as I am, for exemple, playing "CIVILIZATION V" !



Re: "Norton Pop-Up"

hi Beaussarteric

If you are receiving a pop-up advising you that there is a new version of Norton 360 there is a fix for it which can be downloaded from the link below:

Constant reminder to Upgrade Norton

Please follow the instructions and let us know if it fixed your problem.



Re: "Norton Pop-Up"

I'm pretty sure the real Microsoft will not call you about upgrading to Win10 unless you have called them for something first.

Did this 'Microsoft' person access your machine?

Have you downloaded any programs from links the 'Microsoft' person gave you?

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: "Norton Pop-Up"


Maybe I can, later, add a picture, (but It ask a PDF or TXT and I have only pictures format) 

You get that limitation if you use the Attachment link below the editor but if you click on the Editor Toolbar IMCE -- looks like a framed picture (!) just before the tool with the dark line in the middle it brings up a not very intuitive interface with a bar at the top that has Upload / Delete / Insert

Click on Upload, not Insert, and Browse until you find your picture, select it in the listing and click on Upload.

It should then after a while show listed below that bar  -- select it with a click and that should bring up the selected image below the listing.

When you see it is the right one you can click on Insert File at the top and it should appear here.

It's best that your screen shot should not be too large in KB.

I hope that helps.


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