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Norton programmers should be more aware of the effects of their changes.

I have used the identity security vault on-line for over a year. Today, after routinely updating my NISS, I couldn’t sign in to the vault. After much messing about, including a full re-installation, I stumbled across the answer. Unusually, the sign-in process asked for my e-mail. But it would not accept my vault password. The update, I discovered, required my Norton account (not the vault) password first then it asked for the vault password. Surely, it is not beyond the wit of the programmers to indicate which password is required especially if they program a change in sequence that has been in use for over a year. At the very least they should tell the bods manning the chat service about the change in approach. I hadn’t used my account password for nearly a year so I had to work through the ‘forgotten password’ procedure.



Re: Norton programmers should be more aware of the effects of their changes.


I'm sorry that you didn't get the correct information immediately. I don't work for Symantec /Norton but I expect that they are having the same problem my employer contends with. The only available prospects for new employees are humans and all of them are flawed. With training much of the ignorance can be delt with but the failures into stupid just can't be controlled.

The new login procedure, because the vault is now in the cloud, started about the time you quit using your system. The use of your account password is necessary to keep all of the parts of your information together. Once you fine tune it to your way of doing things all should be well and it will be time for another change.

Our only constant is change. Til then

Stay well and surf safe

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Re: Norton programmers should be more aware of the effects of their changes.

To the best of my knowledge, there has been no change in log in sequence for an Online Vault.  The procedure is and as far back as I can remember is to log into your Norton Account with first entering your email address and then once it is validated, you are asked for your password (for the norton account you just entered the email for.  After you do that, you are asked for the password for your online account.

Now that changes a bit (and always has been this way) that if you are already logged into your Norton account, all you are asked for is your Online Password.  Once you log into your Norton Account, you stayed logged into it (yes even through restarts and reboots) until you log out of it.  If you see the "Signed in As" in th eupper right hand corner of your main page of your Norton Product, you are logged into your Norton Account.  I guess it is possible that you could have stayed logged into the Norton Account for a year.

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