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Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

My Norton Security on one of my PCs broke hard (it would not "fix" itself) and had to be uninstalled.  After the uninstall, it was still there.  It did not show as an installed program, but it was still running (and still broke).  So I decided to run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tooll.  After some work, I got Norton Security to completely uninstall and reinstall.  Unfortunately, every time I restart my PC, the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool starts up trying to take me thru the removal and reinstallation process again.  How do I resolve this?



Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

Hello Archer269 What OS are you using? If Windows 8.1 or above do you have fast start enabled? When you are removing and reinstalling, are you using the advanced settings in the removal tool and performing a REMOVE ONLY then a reboot? You should then get a fresh download of your product by logging into your Norton account and downloading from there.

Allow the removal tool to run again and remove your product. Perform a remove only, and follow the suggestion above. Let us know how things worked out.


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Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

RnR Tool now leave some files after deleting Norton products. They locates in common users/documents folder and let RnR run each time after restart. Just remove this folder and RnR will gone away.
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Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

Another thought and a previous experience:


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Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

Hi Archer.

The NRNR program runs automatically on boot because it still has a task that says it has to do so in the Windows Task Scheduler. Since you already used it to fix your issue, don't let the NRNR program run again.

To get rid of the task, do this :

1 - Open the task scheduler by opening a run prompt ( press windows key + R on your keyboard ) and type in taskschd.msc in the run prompt.

2 - In the task scheduler window which appears, unfold the task scheduler library. This will contain a folder called Norton Remove and Reinstall. Click on this folder.

3 - In the middle window the task to run the NRNR program on startup will be visible. Rightclick on the task and select delete. If you want to also remove the remnants of the program, leftclick on the task first, and see where the program is located that it runs, so you can go to that folder and delete the program itself. It's usually in the public user folder.

Have a great day!

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Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue


Thanks for the complete instructions - that's where my link eventually led to!   


Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

Sorry about that, I didn't check that link.


Re: Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.Issue

Ohforf & Yank

Thanks, that looks like the corrective action I was looking for.


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