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Norton Restore impossibly slow

I am a research engineer and have been working at a national lab for 30 years.  I consider myself an advanced computer user.

I recently had a laptop's hard drive crash.  But I had been using Norton to backup my data, so I thought my data was secure.  I purchased a new laptop, then installed Norton and tried to restore my files.  When I tried to restore, it was impossibly slow.  I was able to restore a few files at a time, very slowly, but I have thousands of files.

Then I searched for others who have had this problem.  I have seen countless complaints -- all unresolved -- from people with this same problem.

Symantec makes hundreds of millions of dollars in profit from U.S. computer users.  But their restore system is terrible.

What right does Symantec have to take my data, then make it impossible for me to retrieve it?

All I can say is NEVER use Norton's backup/restore.


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Re: Norton Restore impossibly slow


To address that last comment - if you take notice quite a lot of people don't mark posts as solved or have been assisted separately. The restore process may have its issues but it does work. It's not a problem either but a lack of full understanding and patience to let the service actually work.

That's if you heed the basic instructions and details in the sticky note on how the restore works. You have more than 44 GB backed up across various sets with Norton 360. That spans over a period of several months. Any incremental backup will take time to process that large amount of data and restore it. It will never restore instantly as a result. Before posting further I strongly suggest reading the sticky and learn how the service actually works. There will always be a sacrifice for speed over history retention and security.

Frankly it doesn't matter if you're an engineer or any other profession - without at least the core understanding of how something works having preset expectations will always set you up for failure when it doesn't immediately meet them.

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