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Norton Safe Web


I use Norton Security Deluxe with the latest version of Firefox. If I didn't install Norton Safe Web, would it lower my browser protection? And would Norton still scan websites for phising or malware? Thank you.


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Re: Norton Safe Web

Malware would still be caught by the other layers of protection in Norton if it tried to run on your system. Adding the Safe Web extension would catch some things before being downloaded, rather than allowing them on your system to be detected later.

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Re: Norton Safe Web

Without Safe Web extension installed Norton cannot block known phishing websites.

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Re: Norton Safe Web

I use uBlock Origin extension on Firefox, with default filter lists enabled, including uBlock Badware Risks, and Malware Domain filter list. Do I still need Norton Safe Web?

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Re: Norton Safe Web

Hello Encryption

If you decide to create a website, then you can have Safe Web check it out even though you won't see the Annotations in Google. In today's world, there are so many phishing attacks going on, you do need a server which would be dedicated to just phishing to try and keep it up to date. Safe Web is needed to keep up with the phishing protection. This is just my opinion.

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