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Norton Safe Web for Chrome

I recently had DSL internet service enabled. When i access the router to setup or change something, after connecting to the DSL router Norton safe web will suddenly popup   a warning message. I dismiss it but in a couple more page loads it appears again and ...     I changed the "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit:" to "Onclick" (not sure what that means). While that seemed initially stop  the annoyance, but when i did that change it lost all of the settings I had entered. No problem, I simply re-entered them, but the annoyance message seems to randomly return when i need to change router settings. At this point I disabled the extension, and no more annoyances. I marked this post as "I do not need a solution, just sharing... ", I am not happy with this solution an hope to hear about a better one.



Re: Norton Safe Web for Chrome


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

If you are looking for help, then you should have marked your thread that you are looking for a solution. Please take a screenshot of the message you are seeing about Safe Web. Since you are using Windows 10, please disable Fast Startup in Windows Power Management and then restart your computer and see if that helps with your message issue. Try not changing the router settings and let Norton do the work. Have you downloaded and enabled the latest Chrome extension for Safe Web?

What Norton product are you using and what version is it?

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Re: Norton Safe Web for Chrome

Um, are you seeing

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