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Norton Safe Web in Firefox 66.0.3 64 bit not showing safe or unsafe icons

I have just started using Firefox Version 66.0.3 64 bit and even though the Norton Safe Web extension is installed, it does not show green ticks or red crosses when searching the web. I contacted the Firefox community board, posted the question and a moderator told me that Norton had created a Norton Safe Web extension for Firefox and I should contact Norton.

Spoke To Norton chat which was a complete waste of time and could not give me an answer or explanation even after taking over my laptop and trying different things.

Before using Firefox, I used Internet Explorer 11 and relied on Norton to tell me whether a website was safe or not before I clicked on it, which Firefox does not,

As you have probably guessed I am somewhat of a novice, but hope someone will be able to help me.



Re: Norton Safe Web in Firefox 66.0.3 64 bit not showing safe or unsafe icons

Hello Kitty1962

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Firefox does not allow the use of Norton Annotations in Google searches. The Norton Safe Web extension for Firefox will protect you from Scam attacks and protects against anti-phishing. You can get the Annotations when you use the other allowed browsers.

The Chrome extensions will show the Annotations in Google and the other search engines.

Have a Nice Day and


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