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Norton Safe Web & Norton Safe Search Extensions

I have the extensions Norton Safe Web and Norton Safe Search on My Google Chrome browser, and On the new Edge browser I have the Norton Safe web extension. The green checks don't appear on my AOL Home Page (AOL Sign in Page) when I click on my desktop Google Chrome shortcut unless I click on the Home Button on the AOL Home Page or go to my AOL Email Page and then back to the AOL Home Page. Instead they are gray which means untested. At one time the safe web extension showed a green check when I clicked on the desktop icon for the Edge browser but now that one also shows up gray unless I click on the Home Button or go to my AOL Email page and then return to the AOL Home Page (AOL Sign in Page). I thought maybe this was an AOL Home Page problem but tried temporarily changing my Home page to another website and I got the same results. Does anyone know the reason?  Perhaps it is related to the shortcuts, but I have never read on the Norton forum that anyone else had this problem.


PS: I just tried clicking on the Weather Channel desktop shortcut and I noticed the first time that the checks were green but after the first time they are gray. By the way this had also been true for when I first clicked on the Chrome and Edge browsers to get to my AOL Home Page they too were green but after the first time they appear gray.