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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security 2 Bugs

"Bugs in Version One dot 32 -> 1. Settings vs Optimize & 2. History vs Norton User Interface Information"

This topic now has the images of the bugs

#1 is the bigger bug that the program grabs DISK Resource & CPU Resource

#2 is just along for the ride. The user interface was the confused witness, that contradicted History. The link goes to the topic that landed in User Interface, like parking ticket referee. Grabbing resources at will needs to be fixed. SEE THE LINK next-->



Feel free to comment here, in this topic, about the Loose Cannon OPTIMIZE. Phone support Mr Islam K. in India opened Escalation # [Removed]  . I have no idea what KEYWORDS he may have used. What KEYWORDS would a Forum Guru pick??

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Re: Norton Security 2 Bugs

Imacri, Norton Fighter25 Left a comment at https://community.norton.com/en/forums/bugs-version-one-dot-32-1-setting...

It helped


Mr K in India said it was ok to use his, common in India, first name, and last initial and the NUMBERS of the escalation so the issue could be tracked.

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Re: Norton Security 2 Bugs

Phone support left me a Voice-mail this afternoon 2016 09 03, She gave the escalation number and a different toll free phone number to call. The Norton Fighter25 -- Imacri led me to finding the way to shut off the optimizer -- the control is in the "configure" of Background Tasks in Administrative settings. I returned the call to see if the phone support would have given me the answer. They couldn't for two reasons. 1. The topic of the escalation was "problem with the Forums". I had mentioned looking in the forums, not finding the answer and the intermittent, absent right now, Posting "tool-bar". 2. The technician I spoke to in the Philippines, has a product simulator that does not have the "configure" button destination page enabled. Off-Shore SUPPORT Staff HAS INADEQUATE TOOLS provided for their use. The History Vs User Interface "amnesia" is something for the programmers to fix, not for tech support nor users.


Foot note to above. While I was going over those steps in "configure" with the agent in the Philippines, I changed the setting from NO, to YES and back to NO. The computer was not Idle but that brief change triggered an immediate automatic OPTIMIZE. It shows up in History and the User interface. I'll be back to report more in the footnote after I re-boot.

I'm back. Now the User Interface "Performance" says "Never Run", Last Optimization: Not available. There is an image- the 5th one in the 5th frame of this topic post: https://community.norton.com/en/forums/bugs-version-one-dot-32-1-setting...

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Re: Norton Security 2 Bugs

"We join this special report in progress"

....the comment/reply toolbar showed up for a visit.

Here's a an image snip of the screen the support agent said that she could not  access with her simulation's in-active Configure button, the button followed by it's destination:

Configure: Destination screen 

and for your convenience,

The User Interface: Performance screen with amnesia.


With the clock in the corner

History three days ago


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