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Norton Security (2015) blocks HitmanPro.Alert

I have excluded HitmanPro.Alert but it still blocks it ?!?



Re: Norton Security (2015) blocks HitmanPro.Alert

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Re: Norton Security (2015) blocks HitmanPro.Alert

Norton Product Tamper Protection lets you protect your Norton product from any attack or modification by unknown, suspicious, or malicious applications.

The Norton Product Tamper Protection view in the Security History window displays details about unauthorized attempts to modify Symantec processes. The tasks that your Symantec product blocks also appear in the list.

NPTP events are not threats.   NPTP events are not reports of malware. 
NPTP is logging HitmanPro.Alert getting too close to Norton. 
HMP.A is not blocked from doing Alert business.  
HMP.A is simply held away from Norton.   No worries. 

When you Exclude HMP.A.  HMP.A will run unprotected by Norton.  You may Exclude any item you're sure is always safe.
The amount of resouces saved by Exclude are too small to measure.   Exclude is for conflicts. eg:  Norton protecting itemA somehow dings itemA.   NPTP is not reporting a conflict. 

The Actor is trying to see into Norton.  The Actor is trying to touch Norton.
Norton says that's a no no.  NPTP logs the event.   No harm. No foul.

Norton and HMP.A are still friends.  Norton just wants Actor's to be respectful.  No touch Norton. 


Re: Norton Security (2015) blocks HitmanPro.Alert

HMP.A is working as it should here on my machines.  Norton is blocking HMP.A and any other program including Windows processes from accessing Nortons files.  This is normal and nothing to worry about.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

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