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Norton Security 2015 steals focus


Running Win 7 Home edition and upgraded to Norton Security 2015 from NIS this week.

HTPC with Win 7, Norton Security 2015 and NPVR.

NPVR loaded on startup.

NPVR loses focus at 2 mins and again at 3 mins from reboot.

If Norton is disabled, focus stays with NPVR – no problems.

Solved it – not elegantly – by putting two files in Windows/Start/All Programs/Startup as below:


REM .. Start.bat


cd\program files (x86)\NPVR\

start nextpvr.exe -ontop & start nextpvr.exe –updateepg




; Remark - Autohotkey file – NPVR.ahk

#WinActivateForce #NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.

; #Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.

SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.

SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.


Timethen= %A_Now%

   EnvAdd, Timethen, 2

   Timethen += 3, m


   if (A_Now >= Timethen)


    goto done




      IfWinExist, NextPVR

      WinActivate ; use the window found above

      goto start




The += 3, m is set to 3 mins but can be anything longer than the loss of focus.

I know this is not elegant.

Can this be solved within Norton ?  Or, am I missing the obvious ??

(Alternatively – stop using Norton, I guess ..)

Problem exists with default settings.  Tried changing as below:

Norton settings - at the moment:

Auto tasks / IE History - unticked

Auto tasks / Disk optimisation - unticked

Auto Scheduling - Automatic

Admin settings / Idle timer - Off

Admin settings / Norton community watch - Off

Admin settings / Remote management - Off

Admin settings / Norton task monitoring - Off

Admin settings / Power saving mode - Off

Admin settings / Settings password protection - Off

Admin settings / Silent mode - Off

Admin settings / Auto Resume delay from sleep / Auto tasks delay / Idle time out /  - all set to 1 minute

Everything else set to default.





Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

When NPVR loses focus, what is taking its place?

You could add NPVR to the Silent mode settings.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

What is NPVR and if you manually start it 4 minutes after windows does it retain focus?



Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hi Peterweb, DaveH, Thanks for the replies .. NPVR is an open source programme to use with an HTPC to replace a satellite stb. http://nextpvr.com/ All tv progs are now available on the web. It requires (in my case) a MAG250 IPTV stb http://www.mag254.co.uk/mag-250/ connected to the web, NPVR, Hauppauge tv tuner (http://www.hauppauge.com/capture/) – for decoding - and then to a pc (and tv). An IPTV sub is much cheaper than an stb sub and gets more channels anyway. See attached pdf’s ... The idea is that NPVR loads fullscreen and is controlled with a remote. (In my case, a UK SKY+ remote works fine). It changes channels automatically, starts up and records future progs (and all future episodes of that prog) in the same way as the SKY stb used to. One click on the selected future prog in the tv guide and it sets itself up – see attached. It also holds music / pics etc. Per attached. So, I have the NPVR .exe icon in the Win startup folder. It loads at startup and runs OK and reacts to the keyb and remote OK without Norton. With Norton enabled, it loses focus. Specifically, NPVR loads full screen (See attached) and after 2 mins it looks like attached with the task bar showing (Can’t load 3 pics, it seems). At that point, it no longer reacts to keyb or remote and the only option is to reboot and close out before focus is lost. Since it is full screen, I can’t see if anything else is visible but there should not be because nothing else has been told to run. It’s a bare bones setup with only Win 7 / NPVR / Hauppauge capture prog / I.E. / NVidia drivers / Realtek drivers and a prog to download prog schedules – Webgrab. (Webgrab runs at 2.00 a.m.). So, nothing else to interfere with it. Tried including npvr.exe and npvr\npvrservicecontrol.exe (Main .exe and services .exe) in Silent Mode settings. Does not help – no change. Still loses focus. If I remove the NPVR.exe from the win startup folder and start Win 7 manually (click on the NPVR icon immediately) – NPVR runs without losing focus. And, also 4 mins after as well – doesn’t make any difference there – manual start works fine any time after. OK, but the idea is to have it load automatically without the need for a mouse. Don’t need to mess with a mouse when watching TV. Also tried disabling Smart firewall and Auto-protect in task bar. Doesn’t change anything. In summary – with Norton, it loses focus and without, it’s fine. I’m stumped – ideas appreciated .. Regards
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Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Try using the Norton Startup Manager to delay the start of NPVR. If a later manual start seems to work, maybe delaying the start will help.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hi Peterweb, Did that - and, yes, it helps. It does let Norton do whatever it is doing and get out of the way. But, the whole point is to have NPVR start straight up as it used to with NIS. It looks "Lumpy" when I delay NPVR - not "Clean" or professional - if you see what I mean. I suspect that the new Norton Tasks setup is taking over somehow - which means that it is not behaving as it should. Thanks for your comments but, to be honest, my solution using Autohotkey does give me a "Clean" start up straight into NPVR and the NPVR screen snaps in almost immediately (SSD helps ..). Looks like the new Norton needs a re-think. Appreciate any more suggestions but at the moment my own inelegant solution gives a better result. I do really appreciate your time though and the suggestions - many thanks. Regards, Kamares

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Do you turn off the computer often? I would have thought that from what you describe you use the system for, that you would leave it on 24/7.

It is possible that the latest Norton version changed the startup order of tasks, although I cannot see what would steal focus from another program.

Have you tried disabling any other startup tasks one at at time to see if they make a difference?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hi Peterweb, Your last message gave me a clue and I now have a solution – thanks ........ Norton Startup Manager shows – from top to bottom: Iusb3.mon – (Asus usb 3 driver) Picon startup utility – (Part of the Intel engine management component. Device Manager throws an exception if this is not loaded.) Realtek HD Audio Manager IR Server Tray – (Part of IR Server suite for NPVR – decodes remote button presses) Translator – (Part of IR Server suite for NPVR – translates remote codes into internal key presses) Hauppauge Device Central Tray applet – (Task bar icon / index – Part of Hauppauge IPTV decoder) NTray – (NPVR Task bar icon / index) NextPVR – (Main NPVR .exe prog) ===== AND, msconfig Startup shows – from top to bottom: Realtek HD Audio Manager IR Server suite – (IR Server Tray .exe) IR Server suite – (IR Server suite Translator) Intel 3.0 monitor – ( extensible Host controller driver) Intel PiconStartup – (Intel Management engine component) NextPVR – (NPVR.exe) NTray – (NPVR Tray.exe) Basically the same but different order. It’s a bare bones set up ... However, I realised that there is another loaded prog – SSD Samsung Magician – that doesn’t appear in startup or services and I had assumed (wrongly ??) that it wasn’t doing anything – unless I clicked on it .... I Uninstalled Magician and the problem is solved. So, combination of my mobo / asus drivers / intel drivers / NPVR / Norton and Magician don’t play well together. I assume – again – that I don’t need magician unless I want to check SSD status so it’s out. Now Norton and NPVR run OK – both from startup and from sleep. Don’t quite understand - but my problem is solved and thread closed out. Final thought – didn’t have a problem with NIS. Thanks again for the clue. Regards, Kamares
Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Glad to hear you were able to figure it out.

You never know what program/driver/utility may cause a conflict with some other program. It often amazes me that anything works well on a Windows system because of the millions of combinations of hardware and software. And what may seem to be the obvious problem is often not the final answer.

If you could mark the post that best describes the solution to your problem as the solution, it can help anyone else that may run into a similar issue. If you look to the right of the Reply link below the post, you will see a Mark as Solution link.  Thanks.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hi Peterweb, OK - Mark as solution - done. Strange thing - clicked on the READ MORE link in your email and then Login and Login details already entered - Not mine ... Your's ?? Last 2 digits = p! Thanks again, Regards

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Not sure what you are seeing with the email notification. I do not think the login details you are seeing necessarily represent a specific user. Probably just another of those cryptic URLs that get generated by automated systems.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Agreed ..  Just thought I would mention it.

Thanks again for all your help.  All sorted now.



Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hello Kamares

If you want to use that Magician program, perhaps sending the file to Norton could result in getting the program approved.

Another thing you can do is to have the program excluded from being detected by Norton. You could try this. It might work.

Settings>Antivirus>Scans and Risks>Exclusions/Low Risks Set Low Risks to Ask Me. Then list the Magician program in the first 2 Exclusions where it says Configure. I think you can put a whole folder there if you have to.

Don't know if this will help any, but you could try it if you want to.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Norton Security 2015 steals focus

Hi Flopot, Thanks - will try that - just to see. But, not too bothered about SSD Magician anyway. The conflict seems to happen only after 2 minutes from reboot. If I load Magician after that then it would only be to do an SSD status check then exit. At the moment, all is fine. Thanks for the thought though - I will mess with it again just to see if I can exclude it as you suggest. Regards, Kamares

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