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Norton Security Incompatible with Windows 7 Virtual XP mode Environment

I have discovered that after update to version that Norton Security appears to be incompatible with the Windows 7 virtual Windows XP environment.  The 'Get Support' function attempts to fix an installation problem and fails.  The prompted 'Remove and Reinstall' function re-installs version which again fails 'Get Support' as soon as live update  re-updates to version  The installation appears to be trashed after 'Get Support' fails as 'Live Update' prompts a 102MB update if no action is taken.

Some time ago I had to disable the Windows 7 virtual XP Mode default, but rarely used, 'Offline Files' feature setting to enable Norton Security to function in that environment.  Selecting the 'Offline Files' feature prevents the enabling of the 'Log In Welcome Screen' and the selection of 'Fast User Switching' in Windows XP.