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Norton Security

ITMA. W7 64 Home Premium.
Norton Security turned up this morning.
Installed, restart. Ran LiveUpdate again, another download & restart.
Ran 'Get Support'. All OK !

Looks like a change to transparent icons, all except the 'system tray'.

The SinecoalCirph4. AK.

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Re: Norton Security

Yes. Everything is running smooth after install. I noticed the same with system tray icon.. it looks like has not been replaced yet.

And one thing I was hoping that with this release 22.17 the new feature "Norton SafeCam" will be available. Sadly not this time yet. 

Ps. And finally the "In-Product search" has been added to NS for non english users after almost 2 years. Thanks! 

One small GUI bug hasn't been fixed yet for a while now...

 So "number of used licenses - has no space" (this means "8 of10") it only appear for non english users of Norton.

I posted about this issue long time ago.


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