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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security with Backup does not launch

The only things that launch are Quick Scan and Live Update and Get Support!

Backup and Security DO NOT WORK.

I already spent over 2 hours on-line with an Indian support tech. who finally acknowledged he could NOT solve the problem!

He said he needed to bring in some advanced help and said I would receive a call!

NO call yet (11:00 AM EDT, 12 Sep. 2015)!

The case # is <removed>.

I suspect I bought happiness rather than working software!

[Edit: Removed the Case ID to conform with the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service]



Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

Flagged for posting case number

Have you tried Remove and reinstall Tool? This tool will remove your copy and give you a clean fresh copy of the program. Do you have any other real time security installed? How did you remove your previous security program?

Please come back and let us know how you made out.


Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

I have had Norton Security with Backup running for many months before it stopped working.

And, No I don't remember what the last thing I did before it stopped working.

I tried all the usual remedies including NRnR, multiple times.

Also, I have no other security software installed, except MS firewall, but it is not active -- Norton firewall is active.

I read a post a few days ago about this same problem. The solution took some voodoo from one of the tech. guys you normally don't get to speak to and he as well as nobody else actually knew what caused the problem nor did anyone know exactly what they did to "fix" the problem.

In my 44 years in the IT business, I have seen this syndrome many times, so I am not surprised at all.

Windows is far too convoluted for anyone to approach problem resolution in a well defined manner (just too many hidden relationships), but people pretend to approach problem resolution in a orderly fashion.

I suspect the resolution of this problem will involve a re-install of Windows (W7-Home Prem.)

At this point in this journey, I'm going to wait a little longer to see if anyone from Norton calls me.


Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

Does the Windows login (user account) you are using have full Administrator privileges?  This is now a requirement in order for some of NSwB's (and NS's) features to function properly ... It's a recent change, supposedly done for Windows-10 compatibility.


Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

If I look at the user account I'm using via the control panel, it has my account listed as "Administrator".

However, since you wrote "full Administrator privileges" in your question, I'm left with the feeling the way in which I've determined my account has administrative privileges may not tell the whole story. I get the impression an account may have something less then 100% (full) administrative privileges.

What technique do you suggest to determine if an account has  "full Administrator privileges"?


Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

So long as it's reporting your account as being an Administrator, that indicates that it's imbued with full Administrator Windows privileges - So, that's not the problem then ...

I would suggest trying the NRT tool since it does a more complete cleaning of a potentially damaged Norton product installation - But please be aware that using the NRT will also (commensurately) remove other Norton products...so be sure to fully read through the FAQ page (at the tool's download site) before invoking it. The tool is available at:


After the NRT finishes it will (very likely) need to restart your system - After the system restarts (and you're logged back in) you will be shown a webpage with instructions for accessing the Norton Management website, signing into you Norton account, and downloading and installing a fresh pre-activated copy of your Norton product.

Please let us know if you get a better result by using the NRT instead of the NRnR tool...

Kind regards,


Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

Hi Ray,

I'm very sorry to learn that you're still experiencing problems with Norton Security with Backup. We recently released a fix for the symptom you've described and I'm wondering if you have received it or not. Can you run LiveUpdate from the system tray icon, restart and see if that resolves it?

Also, I've sent you a Private Mail to follow-up.




Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch


I have tried, over several days, BOTH NRnR and NRT with the same results -- neither approach allows me to launch Norton Security with Backup!

FYI: I am in touch with Beth Eads (Norton Executive Escalation Case Manager) and am hoping to connect with her today at 12:30 EST.

I don't know what approach she will recommend, but I'm thinking it will be something drastic -- like MS Win7 re-install or lots of removing of previous updates and/or applications.

When I was in the remote control session with the tech. in India for several hours, he tried all the remedies everyone has already suggested and some folks have not suggested. He then gave up and called in the cavalry. We will see!

Thanks for your help.



Re: Norton Security with Backup does not launch

Best of luck Ray!


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