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Norton Security Backup problems incl. error 8507, 125

Hi all,

I could use some help understanding and resolving this issue with Norton Security Backup...

I’m running what I understand to be the latest version:

In Windows 10 Home from a non-Admin account:-

  The Backup main summary screen always shows:   Never Run,   Last Backup: Not Available,   Backup Sets: 0

  When I hit ‘Run Backup’ it fails immediately with “Error Found   Norton Security has encountered an error 8507, 125”

  Then autofix  checks for a fix and is unable to find an automated fix.

In Windows 10 Home from an Admin account:-

  I can create and edit new backup sets, but the changes are reset after trying to run backup i.e. changes to backup sets are lost.

  I can run a full backup, but not subsequent incremental backups.

  The Backup main summary screen always shows:   Never Run,   Last Backup: Not Available,   Backup Sets: 0 (occasionally shows 1     after a full backup).

The only references I can find to error '8507, 125' suggest that there’s a conflict with another security software (tho’ I don't know that these documented errors pertained to backup problems).

The only other security software I was running was IBM Trusteer/Rapport which had run alongside Norton for years okay but which I thus uninstalled and then ran Norton Security uninstall/reinstall – made no difference to this Backup issue. I have now done uninstall/reinstall of Norton three times.

The only recent significant change to my PC’s Windows 10 landscape has been in the installation and use of BT Cloud for offsite backup of photos. I wasn’t logged in to BT Cloud when running Norton Backup, but I uninstalled BT Cloud as a test and its absence made no difference to the Norton Backup problem even after another reinstall.

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Re: Norton Security Backup problems incl. error 8507, 125

Sounds like yet another occurrence of the version: disappearing BU set problem.  See jaco & Roderick recent posted issues.  At end of jaco post there's a note about possible fix via Hotfix in newest LiveUpdate.   Give that a try.


Re: Norton Security Backup problems incl. error 8507, 125

Thanks for the update jaco1252 - sounds promising. Yesterday, to while away time whilst my 'cold' runs its course, I did a software rebuild from Windows up and things seem to be running okay. I've run live-update to help ensure I've got the Hotfix, but can't see a way to look at a Norton update log to check whether there was a Hotfix done.

Next step is to reinstall BT Cloud and see if all's still okay after that, 'cos that was the only significant new software at the time I had Backup problems.


Re: Norton Security Backup problems incl. error 8507, 125

How do I delete/remove/uninstall all of Norton from my daughters laptop?  I added 360 and it wiped out word 2010, making our documents inaccessible.  She has windows 7.  Thanks for your help.  BTW, going into the control panel only uninstalled 360.  I'm still stuck with the rest of this garbage I paid dearly for.  (not to mention why I'm using her laptop and not mine w/ black screen after window 10 update)

Thanks again for your knowledge and expertise.

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