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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

Hi there Norton Security with Backup v22 (comcast)  And Malwarebytes pro will they work together if i buy the Pro version of Malwarebytes or will they clash and cause issue please get back with me thanks much and have a awesome day :).



Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

Hello AnthonyB.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

We recommend only the free version of Malwarebytes to be used as an occasional 2nd opinion while using Norton products. There are some users who use both Norton products as well as Malwarebytes Premium. There are certain files which should be entered into exclusions for both programs if you are going to get the premium.

This is also a question you should ask in the Malwarebytes Forum to get their opinion.


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Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

hi AnthonyB

Whilst I only use the free version of Malwarebytes, I have seen that others use the pro version who report the work well together however, there is a user of the Norton Forum who has excluded each program from monitoring each other. I do not know exactly what to do but hopefully they will visit the thread to offer advice.

Unfortunately, I am not able to remember the name of the user.



Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

thanks for the reply back :) 


Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

@Krusty13   Any advice ?

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Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??


I am running MBAM Premium and haven't made any exclusions but everyone's mileage may differ.

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Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??

I am using NS2015, Malwarebytes Anti Exploit, Malwarebytes Anti Malware Premium (Trial) ,Bit Defender Anti-Ransomware, and Hitman Pro Alert. I am running on 8.1. There are no conflicts I am aware of in respect to my PC running smoothly and fast. But I have no idea if any of these programs is causing another not to work properly :-) [Malwarebytes Premium is designed to be compatible running in real-time with other A/Vs]

My PC is got so messed up when I tried to upgrade to Windows 10 I figure nothing matters anymore. My attempted first day Update to W 10 on an ASUS GR20-AJ, like so many others got stuck. Some peeps it took nine hours to complete. I gave up after staring at a blank screen for four hours and rebooted. Most who did this found their PC reverted to 8.1. Mine didn't. It was unable to reboot and seemed irreparable. It appeared that Windows 10 partly installed and everything else got wiped out before they were installed by Windows 10. LOL was totally sick. Attempts to refresh or recover asked for inserting Windows 10 installation disc, I even tried installing 8.1 from a retail boxed set of discs, but my dvd drivers had been removed. Could not select a boot order from bios.

So bought an Acer Predator from Amazon, Updated to Windows 10 in an hour, but its main sound controller (Creative Cinema) does not work on Windows 10 and Creative says that since its an OEM product they won't upgrade it and its up to the PC manufacturer to do it. The only element of sound you could adjust was volume - NOTHING else. My Amazon review blasts ACER :-).

I had made a recovery drive on the ACER after it upgraded to  W 10. Was determine to fix my ASUS. Used the ACER recovery drive and my ACER miraculously came back to life, but as an ACER with W 8.1. LOL. The boot screen showed the ASUS screen but it had all the ACER appsand no ASUS apps. The two have the same basic specs - intel i7 4790 and GTX 760. Was able to restore most of the ASUS apps, but it's a hybrid - has a different mother board and BIOS. LOL-ASUS put out an update for its BIOS-good bye ASUS. ACER BIOS didn't like ASUS BIOS update. Started over again, and ASUS is running again. I will NEVER update it to W 10.

Stuck with the ACER. It's OK but sound control sux and it's slower than the ASUS cuz ASUS 760 has 2 GB ram and Acer has 1.5. Amazon only takes back PCs if they are DOA. Later found out that Microcenter sells the same PC for $200 less than Amazon. Because of my honest review and reply to a comment on it, Amazon will NEVER sell another of that model Acer again. I believe that ACER deserves it. They should say that it is not fully compatible with Windows 10.

Sorry for the rant, but my point is that my ASUS, though running as fast as ever on 8.1 is such a messed-up hybrid that I can afford to take chances with it with an overkill of mulit-layered "protection" - if that protection is working. :-)


Re: Norton Security with Backup v22 (Comcast) and malwarebytes pro??


As mentioned, many users do run the MBAM Pro alongside their Norton product, with apparently no consequences.

The unfortunate part is that you will not know there is a problem until you get an infection, and then it is too late.

The Security companies recommend only one real time security program for a reason.

Only you can decide if you are willing to take the risk.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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