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Norton Security Command Line


I have Norton Security and I need to deploy it on a few Windows 10 PCs.

I need to make a list of exceptions for Scan and SONAR, and for firewall. It is too cumbersome to do it by graphical shell, so I read that navw32.exe can be used by command line. The problem is that I can not find documentation about the functions. All I could found was functions for command line scan.

Can anyone help me to sort it out or to find documentation about command line Norton scripting?





Re: Norton Security Command Line


Re: Norton Security Command Line

As Norton Security is designed with home users in mind, central management features are not designed into the product. Unfortunately there is not even a way to even save any custom firewall settings for use when reinstalling your product. If you want this kind of control, you would have to use a business/enterprise product with central management.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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