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Norton Security Deluxe & Disk Optimization

I have Norton Security Deluxe installed on my computer with a SSD and Windows 10.  It is my understanding that it isn't recommended to defragment SSD's.  I had the disk optimization setting turned off in Windows 10, but I didn't realize that Norton Security would be performing similar tasks as part of their program until today.  I have had Norton on my computer for about four months, so it has been performing these tasks during this period of time.  It looks like Norton has been optimizing both my C drive as well as my recovery partition on my computer.

I turned off Disk Optimization under Tasks Scheduling as well as the Idle Time Optimizer in Administrative Settings.  I have a few questions:

Is this all that I need to do to prevent Norton from performing disk optimization tasks in the future?

Does Norton Security run its own program to optimize disks or does it simply cause Windows 10 to run its own, native program?

Since my SSD including the recovery partition has been optimized through Norton for the past four months, has my computer been negatively affected?  Will my recovery partition be OK?

Does Norton and Windows 10 recognize that I have a SSD and run optimization tasks that are more appropriate for a SSD?

Since it isn't recommended to perform disk optimization with a SSD, what regular maintenance tasks should I be performing through the Windows 10 operating system?



Re: Norton Security Deluxe & Disk Optimization


Here is a KB about Optimization and SSD's.


If your SSD was optimized, it will show up in History Logs under Optimization in the drop down menu. You  can also see it if you click on Performance on the main page. It will show the last time it was optimized if it ever was.


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Re: Norton Security Deluxe & Disk Optimization

There is a myth about defragging SSD's. Windows 10 optimises SSD's. It is designed to. Norton only engages Windows defrag. It does not have it's own defrag. There is absolutely nothing wrong with defragging a SSD. 



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