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Norton Security - Firewall problem with hostnames

I am using a Windows 10 Pro computer with Norton Security installed and have two VPN connections that I use alternately. One is to a Windows 2003 Small Business Server and the other to a Windows 2012 R2 Server.

With the Norton firewall disabled I am able, via the VPN, to connect to either of the machines using the Windows Remote Desktop application (RDP). I can do this using the hostname (e.g. Server) or the IP address of the server.  I am also able to access the shared folders on each machine either by using the IP address (e.g. \\ or by using the hostname (e.g. \\Server).

With the Norton firewall enabled the connection to the Windows SBS 2003 works normally but the connection to the Windows 2012 server fails unless the IP address is used - for some reason with the firewall enabled the machine is unable to resolve the hostname of the 2012 server.

RDP - gives the following error “Remote desktop can’t find the computer “Server”

Attempts to access shared folder on server result in “Network error - Windows cannot access \\server

Something in the firewall settings appears to be blocking the name resolution with the 2012 Server but not the 2003 Server.

As I have tried every setting I can think of I would be grateful for any advice on what changes I need to make to the Firewall settings in order to be able to access both servers using their hostnames.



Re: Norton Security - Firewall problem with hostnames

Try resetting the Norton Firewall. From your main Norton product screen, click on Settings - Firewall. On the General tab, click on reset beside Reset Firewall. Restart the computer and test.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security - Firewall problem with hostnames

Thanks peterweb for your reply and suggestion - it was much appreciated.

Unfortunately, resetting the firewall made no difference to the results.  Nor for that matter did uninstalling and reinstalling Norton Security.

In the meantime I have also been in contact with the Norton Chat support - which proved to be a less than worthless experience.

The reps first and immediate response without even reading what I had written (and despite the fact that I had explained that the problem did not arise with the firewall turned off or with Norton uninstalled) was to say that the problem was nothing to do with Norton and the I should speak to Microsoft.  From then on it just got worse - being told that we needed to restart the machine in Safe Mode etc. etc.

Anyway, my guess is that it is one of the program controls or the one of the traffic rules that is blcoking the name resolution to the Windows 2012 server.  Quite why it should blcok that and the name resoltion to the SBS 2003 server I don't know.

So if you or anyone else (perhaps with access to a windows 2012 server) has any suggestions of what I can try I would be very grateful.


Re: Norton Security - Firewall problem with hostnames

Is it possible that there are some settings in the Advanced tab in the RDP sign in that might need changing for the Server 2012 connection?

Maybe some settings that are different in the VPN?

Even though disabling Norton allows the connections, it could still be some setting for some Windows components. Have you tried the answers.microsoft.com forums?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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