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Norton Security Firewall - Program Control - Default Access


In Norton Security - Settings - Firewall - Program Control is possible to choose Acces for running programs.

Is it possible set up default value of Acces for new programs? 

Norton probably set Acces automatically according Trust but I would like to set it manually.



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Accepted Solution
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Re: Norton Security Firewall - Program Control - Default Access

Settings > Firewall > Advanced Program Control > Automatic Program Control

If you want to manually specify Internet access settings for your programs, you can turn off Automatic Program Control. When a program tries to access the Internet for the first time, an alert prompts you to configure access settings. You can set Automatic Program Control to On if you do not want to receive any such alerts.

Symantec recommends that the Automatic Program Control feature remains set to On. By turning it off, you might make an incorrect decision that can allow malicious programs or block critical Internet programs and functions.


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