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Norton Security History stopped recording certain activity.

Prior to 10/07/2016 my Norton 360 Security History recorded activity that I could use to trace the time of PC turn on, user log in and user log out. These activities were “NDIS filtering is enabled”, User logged in” and No user logged in”. Since 10/07/2016 the Security History no longer records these activities.  What could have happened that caused this change in behavior?  Could there be other activities that are also no recorded?



Re: Norton Security History stopped recording certain activity.

The Norton History entries are for recording events affecting the Norton product. These entries can be used when a user is having trouble with the Norton product. What Norton records can change over time as Norton decides whether more or less information is to be recorded. The more things being monitored can slow the system performance. So it is best to keep the items logged to a minimum.

If you want to track Windows events, like logins, log outs, and system starts, you use the Windows Event Viewer.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Security History stopped recording certain activity.


Each section of the log allows an X number of pages. For example one section might record 20 pages and then it will stop recording that section. If the limit is 20 pages for that section, then you would have to clear the history for that section. After doing this, then the recording will start again. I believe each section of the History Logs allows a different number of pages. If you haven't reinstalled the product, some sections will fill up. No need to reinstall the product for this, just clear the old history and new will take it's place.

I do hope that this is what you mean and that this information will aid you.


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