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Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

Hey everyone,

     Let's see how long this post stays here before Norton deletes it, to prevent negative reviews from ruining their cash flow. I have been using Norton's for years and recently started heavily using their Identity Safe, to house all my logins. I spent hours filling it and organizing it. I had over 75 logins in that safe; ranging from entertainment and news sites to utility bill sites. Then, tonight, in one quick FU to me; i get some kind of message-I did not have a chance to read-before the Safe wiped everything and told me I had to create a new one. I prayed it was only an issue with my vault on my PC. So i went and logged into my vault on my phone and i see all my logins.... for 5 seconds then Norton says my vault has been remotely wiped and my vault is gone again with the requirement of creating a new one. Tried to contact Norton for help but the chat representative did not want to do anything but connect to my computer and 'look' around. I am sorry, but I don't care if you work for Norton's, i do not trust anyone-especially people who seem to not even know or understand their software and how it could of wiped my vault. So I guess it's my turn after 10+ years of using Norton to turn around and say it right back to them, and move to another company.

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Re: Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

what happens when you Sign In here > https://identitysafe.norton.com/

Your Identity Safe vault data is stored online, and does not require you to back it up. However, with the latest versions of the Norton products, you can enable automatic backup of your Identity Safe vault data to your computer. You can also export the Identity Safe data in .DAT or .CSV file formats on to your local computer.

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Re: Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

Well I lost my whole vault of 75 logins and was forced to create a new one. Went to help chat and got nothing. So then i came here and went full: YesIamMadBro. However, I luckily went back to my vault, one more time, and started clicking every button. I guess my chat representative was either new or knew nothing, as they made no mention at all about what I happen to stumble upon in our IM. What did I find? Well, I found in the settings that my vault was being backed up automatically to my local machine. So i was able to restore my entire vault from a backup. So came here to update my hate rant and leave this write up for anyone else that may run into this issue.

Restore from Autobackup (If auto backup is checked):

  1. Open vault.
  2. Click cogwheel, to open vault settings.
  3. Click Import/Export tab.
  4. Scroll to bottom and check if the box next to enable automatic backups is checked.
  5. If the box is checked, scroll to top and click the Import button (which should default to your backup folder).
    1. If it is not checked, it is time to rage  like me and hate everyone and everything.
  6. Choose to replace or merge, radio button and click the Import button.
  7. Find the latest backup file and then click the Open button.
  8. Enter your vault password and import starts. When finished, all your items will be in vault once again.

Re: Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

Terrible story. Happy ending. Well played sir! 


Re: Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

Hello nameless_ce

Please make sure you have back up checked so that it does make back ups. Also, you can back it up to a backup drive regularly like every time you have made a change to the Identity Safe. You can export it in .dat and .CSV formats in case you ever do need to recreate it.


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Re: Norton Security - Identity Safe = Joke

nameless_ce, see your post is still there and would have remained (posts are not removed if you bad mouth Norton - that is considered feedback) - even if your story did not have a happy ending.  But it appears to me that it is now time to say TYVM Norton for saving my bacon!  

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