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Norton Security installation on NIS 2014

I have a WIN7 laptop with NIS 2014 on it and now I am ready to download and install the new Norton Security. I went on line with Norton support chat. I asked if the NIS 2014 had to be uninstalled prior to installing the new Norton Security. They said yes.

Here in the forums, I searched the same topic and saw responses to that thread that say the opposite. That thread was closed.

Any idea who is right?.   


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Re: Norton Security installation on NIS 2014

Hello dresdenron

If you are not having any problems with your NIS currently, you can install Norton Security on top of NIS If you are using the Identity Safe part, I would recommend backing that up using CSV and dat formats just in case it is needed. There are plenty of users here who have installed on top and are not having any problems with the installs that way. Thanks.

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Re: Norton Security installation on NIS 2014

I just did this exact same install last week - Win7Pro x64 SP1 and NIS 2014.

Based on what I read here, I allowed Norton Security to do an over install.

It appeared that Norton Security activated an uninstall then performed the install.

It took longer than a clean install, but all went well and previous NIS settings were retained.

Just dont get anxious, let it do its thing until it is finished.

Good Luck.

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