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Norton Security Interface Does Not Show Up

OS Windows 8.1. Since a couple of days, I am not able to bring up the Norton Security main interface window on my screen. I can do live update, scan, etc. from the tray icon. But could not manage to have it show up itself. I also tried reboot, log off - log on, repair installation, etc. Any ideas?..


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Re: Norton Security Interface Does Not Show Up

Hi, jomateix. Have you completely shut down Windows 8, which is required for Norton to properly operate ?

Also disabling Fast Start is suggested, as it can cause problems.



If this doesn't work and you need to reinstall, we can help if needed.

Also run Live Update manually to get the latest update v, which may also help.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Norton Security Interface Does Not Show Up

Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

I did a live update just after reading your reply, although I had done it before I open this thread here also. And it seems to be helpful for the problem. Now I can see the face of Norton Security window whenever I call it there.


Re: Norton Security Interface Does Not Show Up

Norton security main interface window does not show up after the latest live update completed. Reboot did not solve the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled and then it showed up until live update ran again after which it was broken again. Any suggestions?

Running Windows 10.

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