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Norton Security (NAVW32) command line parameters for Internet Download Manager to do silent scans


I need some help with configuring "Internet Download Manager" and Norton Security to do /silent scans after downloading files instead of prompting the standard finished scanning window as it becomes a bit annoying after a while when 99,99% of all downloads are safe.

I'm pointing to; NAVW32.exe in the Norton Security folder to initiate a scan with the default [File] command line parameter from Internet Download Manager which successfully initiates a scan of the files I download through Internet Download Manager, but it will prompt me with a GUI Window upon completion of the scan.

All I want to do is to initiate a "/silent" scan, making Norton Security not prompting me with a GUI window upon completion unless there was something being detected. I have been reading the support site regarding command line parameters; https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/norton-internet-security/

Sadly I can't seem to find any parameters for silent scans? The closest thing would be the /SESCAN which indeed initiates a silent scan without any GUI unless something is being detected, but it seems to enforce a quick scan of the entire computer and not simply a scan of the specific file downloaded through Internet Download Manager so it takes 60-200 seconds for it to finish instead of the regular 1-5 seconds it takes to scan the single file downloaded. Which obviously is not ideal.

I have tried some common parameters like /s and /silent but they don't seem to be working with Norton Security (NAVW32.EXE). Surely there has to be some kind of silent switch I can enable? What might it be?