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Norton Security not compatable with Windows 10


I have multiple computers and have purchased Norton Security 5 user from Staples.

On my HP PC I had Norton installed before windows 10 was updated and it sent me a message a day after updating to download the new updated installer for Norton and it is fine.

On my other PC  I updated to windows 10 before installing Norton security,   Now I go to www.norton.com/setup to install it on this PC and after clicking on the installer it downloads then gives me a message in the bottom right corner of my screen that Norton security and backup is not compatible with this version of windows.

How can I install it on my PC when it wont let me run it.   Is there another link to the compatible installer for windows 10


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Re: Norton Security not compatable with Windows 10

Note: Norton Security v22.5.2.15 supports W10.
Um, you mention Norton Security 5 user and Norton Security w Backup 10 user.  So, ...?
Since, you mention Staples.  Do you have retail license arrangement with Staples.
Norton Security stand alone installer for Norton Security v22.5.2.15 ~ 5 device/user = Norton Security
Norton Security w Backup ~ 10 device/user = Norton Security with Backup

Please see > "This product is not compatible with this computer's current operating system..."/kb20090814170416 (reference NSS)<


Re: Norton Security not compatable with Windows 10

Hello I have purchased Norton security five device instalation from Staples a retail storelicense or anything to do with Staples the store. I did not say I have a 10 user license of nortin backup. what I said was my windows 10 operating system said that this version of Norton security / Norton backup is not compatable... How do I install the product on my computer if it's not compatabe


Re: Norton Security not compatable with Windows 10

hi Bmtheepainter

If you click on Help on the main Norton UI then hover over About it will give you the version number of the Norton that is installed on that PC.

If it is not in the same menu click on New Version Check when the latest version will download and install.

The above version of Norton is compatible with Windows 10 so I see no version why it would stop you installing.

If all seems ok with your version of Norton come back and let us know.



Re: Norton Security not compatable with Windows 10

Hello bmthepainter

Did the laptop come with a trial version of a security program? If it  did, then that trial has to be removed with the uninstall tool from that vendor.

What was the security program you used before Norton? Was that uninstalled properly?


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