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Norton Security Premium 2017

My Norton Security with Backup 2016 expires on 20 May 2017.

If I choose to renew I am automatically routed to Norton Security Premium - 10 licences - 25 GB online backup.

What happened to the Utilities in my current version - Performance - Tune up - Diagnostics - Start-Up - Norton Power Eraser ?

Do I now have to purchase these Utilities separately


Accepted Solution
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Re: Norton Security Premium 2017

No, they are all included.  NS Premium is the new name for Norton Security with Backup.

By the way, Norton does not use years to differentiate between versions.  The latest version is

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Re: Norton Security Premium 2017

Thanks for that very quick response !


Re: Norton Security Premium 2017


You can shop around and look for the best price and buy that one. Then you just have to enter the new key a day or 2 before the expiration date. Remember to run Live Update and then restart. You can turn off automatic Renewal and credit card information and save some money..


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