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Norton Security - Quick Scans

I do a manual full scan every week on my lap top. Recently, when I have opened Norton, there is red text saying that my computer is  in danger and needs fixing. I click on the fix button and it goes to a quick scan. The quick scan does not find any problems, so I go ahead and do the manual full scan.

But it didn't use to be this way. Norton used to do a Quick Scan through out the week, automatically. I cannot find in the settings a way to schedule the Quick Scan during the week. Maybe I am not looking in the write place.



Re: Norton Security - Quick Scans

The Quick Scan runs automatically in idle time after each full definitions update.  If you have the Idle Timeout setting in Norton set too high, say 30 minutes, your PC may never be idle long enough for the Quick Scan to start.  Try configuring the Idle Timeout to one minute.

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