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Norton Security Scan "'Application error /ROLLBACK'

I decided to try out Norton I then realised that my current antivirus 'mbam' was still active I then deleted all Norton files from my PC. It worked fine until a week later when I opened a steam game and an error message popped up saying 'Application error /ROLLBACK' It was Norton security scan that was showing this error. I pressed OK and my PC restarted It happened a few times until I put the file that it was in on my desktop and restarted my PC. Upon restarting, I deleted the file and it worked fine. However, I didn't use my PC until today. When I turned it on, I discovered that Norton security scan was on my desktop again, and it was showing a window saying Norton security scan was being installed and it was back on my desktop. It restarted after I closed the installation window and deleted all Norton files in the Program Files x86 . I opened google and was about to search something when the ROLLBACK' error showed, and NSS (Norton security scan) showed on my desktop. I deleted NSS and it restarted. I downloaded and ran the Norton uninstall tool. I restarted it as the instructions said and once again NSS was on my desktop. This is really annoying me and any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I have a McAfee that came with my internet as well as 'mbam' and both have no signs of viruses.

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Re: Norton Security Scan "'Application error /ROLLBACK'

Nevemind hadn't deleted the Program data.

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