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Norton Security Suite (NSS)- Sonar advanced Protection not protecting my PC

Hello Friends! I am a Comcast/Norton Customer using your Norton Security Suite (NSS).

This has been going on for a while now. I have Win 10 after I upgraded from win 7. I was using NSS in window 7 too without any issue. However, after  upgrade things changed a little.  Here is the issue-  The NSS loads fine ( Everything green)  after starting the computer but after few minutes (May be 15 mins), NSS runs its auto programs and its is security button becomes red. The Notification says ,"Your PC is not protected by SONAR Advanced Protection". I have visited this issue with your chat reps several times for many hours. They Uninstall, reinstall using their removal  tools of all kinds, clean the the product and re-install it back again . It loads again with  all green buttons  but the same same things happens again. I like NSS and W10 but if this thing continues , I may have to go back to Window 7.Can anybody recue me???



Re: Norton Security Suite (NSS)- Sonar advanced Protection not protecting my PC

Hi Mohammed Osman,

Please see the following - Fast startup is also included in Win 10.


It seems the Norton techs should have tried disabling the Fast Startup. 

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