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norton security update issues

I recently updated norton security to on my desktop running windows 7.  Even though the website says I have the newest version, I still keep getting a popup that says Norton isn't compatible with windows 10 and I need to update.  I click next, let it do it's thing, and when I look in at the installation files, I see the only thing that has changed is the FSDUI_NIS application file.  All the other installation files are the same, even the time of creation listed, and the prompt never tries to activate an installation.  It just keeps updating that one file.  It's not really effecting my PC's performance but it is annoying and I want it to GO AWAY.  I have three keys for this product and the other two systems running it are not having this problem, however they are both running older versions of windows (XP and vista ultimate).  Can anyone please help?


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Re: norton security update issues

hi Jgreenwald

Norton Security is the compatible version of Norton for windows 10.

The popup you are seeing, is it the Windows "Get Windows 10" box that has been downloaded by Microsoft so that you can reserve a download of Windows 10?

If so this is not updated in real-time, when I looked yesterday my Windows notification noted that it was last updated on 9 July 2015.



Re: norton security update issues

Just to back up what Michael wrote earlier, that's an older Windows message. version is compatible with Windows 10. Thanks.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

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