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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Subscription

I cannot use my old subscription as the email address is no longer live. I cannot re-subscribe as I have moved to China nd the subscription page is in Chinese ONLY.

How do I subscribe on my new email address?



Re: Norton Subscription

The language of the online Norton page is, I believe, determined by the country you are located in. BUT look on the line near the top of the page and below the thick yellow line should be a drop list of languages. Mine here in the USA is listed as English and when I click on the down arrowhead the first language I see is, I think!, Chinese. So look and see if you see English listed.

However in China there may well be overriding restrictions.

Having said all that it is for US Security reasons (and many would believe for commercial reasons also especially those concerned with local market support) it is difficult to renew a licenced product bought in one country, or group of countries, after moving to another and wanting to renew from there. We see this with US Citizens who are now located in Europe but want to renew what they bought in the USA.

However there are sometimes workarounds.

It may help to know which of the Norton products (especially since names change not infrequently and just have) and move your message from this Forum which is for non-technical, non-Norton discussions to one dealing with the same product and perhaps experience of the same problem.

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Re: Norton Subscription

Hello @BumbleChina

Scroll down the subscription page, click on the state designation and then select the United States.

How do I subscribe on my new email address?

Similar in English. Then enter the new e-mail address.  

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