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Norton technical support

I've been a Norton user for probably twenty years. Ten years ago I was actively involved in its beta program (NS & NU), and got to know (and like) some of the top technical engineers. Now, I just cannot believe how atrocious Norton support has become. From being falsely assured 2 weeks ago by a third level tech that my problem was solved (a disconnect with Norton Security's cloud backup), after spending three hours with as many tech support engineers ('Are you sure that it 's fixed?' 'Yes, it just takes the servers a little while.' 'But what if there's a problem?' 'Rest assured Robert, it's fixed'); to spending last weekend again with a succession of tech support engineers, from India to the Phillipines; each one asking me for my phone number and email; each one getting disconnected after a reboot, and never getting back to me; to the final straw, my demand that I be given a Norton email address to deal with customer support problems -- the email address was fake; I'VE HAD IT.

Never has a company become so incompetent, dishonest, and absolutely unaccountable. So, to my my recent 3+ hours this weekend, on the same problem -- thanks Rupam Jajak (India), Biswajit Dey (India), Jeffry Bellosillo from Phillipines, then Rohan Bangera, for disconnecting, and doing nothing; and thanks Pranshu Sharma, for the 'customer support email' of support@support10.norton.com, which either doesn't exist or doesn't answer ------ you've convinced me, one of Norton's most loyal, long-standing customers, to STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM YOUR COMPANY AS I CAN. My parting shot: case number 3#######, which 8 people couldn't fix, over the course of 10 hours of MY time.



Re: Norton technical support

Hello rtilewick

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

I am going to get you in touch with the Symantec Employee who is in charge of the Support people. It may take a couple of days. He might post something here in the chat and then requesting some information by PM here in the Forums. Please  give him a Chance

Have a Good Evening and


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