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Norton Toolbar

After installing Firefox 22 the toolbar does not show up. I've ran the update several timesand it still will not show up. I have the current version of NIS. However,I have toolbar version 2013.4.0.10. No matter how many times I update the toolbar stays the same. I can log into my Identity Vault..There has to be someway to correct this...Thank You



Re: Norton Toolbar

Hi cazador31,

Just to double check - have you run the Liveupdate until such time  as it responds "no updates found"?  Also insure your current version of NIS is  From main page of NIS select Support and then About to check the version number.

If  both are true, this is a situation I have come across before in NIS, N360 and NSS with previous FF upgrades. Following the exact procedure that follows has produced the desired results of the NTB appearing in FF. Do not add any addtional steps such as running the Norton Removal Tool, as that may cause you to lose your ID Safe, customised settings and will also remove any other Norton programs you may happen to have installed.

It is highly recommended you export your ID Safe data prior to starting this procedure.  You should not lose it during the procedure - but please export it as a precautionary measure.

Please do the following in the order I list:

Totally uninstall Firefox

Download a fresh copy of Firefox 22.0. from here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/new/

Install the fresh copy of firefox.

Download a fresh copy of your Norton product from here:

NIS - http://norton.com/latestnis

Remove   your Norton product using Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs if you are using XP) - do not run the NRT as you'll want to keep your Identitiy Safe and other settings.

Install the fresh copy of your Norton product. Run LiveUpdate (rebooting as requested by LiveUpdate) as many times as necessary for it to respond with the specific words  "no updates found" .

Once all that is done in the order I am asking for you to do it, please look at "Add-on's" and see if Norton Toolbar 2013.4.1.2 is listed and enabled. Norton Vulnerability Protection will be listed, but shown as incompatible.

Do you now have the Norton Toolbar in FF 22.0.?

Please let us know how this goes.


Re: Norton Toolbar

That worked..Thank you for your help


Re: Norton Toolbar

You are quite welcome and we'll be here if you need us again!

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