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norton toolbar doesn't display in new chrome tabs

WOW! Reading the forums, this problem doesn't go away. What's the deal google? Norton not doing something you are requiring? The Norton toolbar works fine in IE & Firefox, but still doesn't work in the latest version of chrome. I can even add a new wrinkle. After installing Norton Security's chrome extensions, not only is the Norton toolbar missing when opening a new tab, the bookmarks toolbar does display, even though I haven't selected this toolbar?? Fortunately there's a guaranteed solution for programming incompetence. Uninstall the defective program.



Re: norton toolbar doesn't display in new chrome tabs

Chrome 45.0.2454.93m + Norton Security Toolbar 2015.5.0.121 + Norton Identity Safe 1.0.5 = works for me. 
Maybe, you saw > https://identitysafe.norton.com/client?

Are you running Norton product with built in Toolbar or ID Safe standalone.

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