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Norton Toolbar (NTB) in FF42 disappeared ...... again

Yesterday, I applied all the updates and patches from Live Update and the NTB showed up in FF42.    I figured progress was been made. 

During the night my PC rebooted and now the NTB is MIA again.     I'm I back at square one or am I missing something?



Re: Norton Toolbar (NTB) in FF42 disappeared ...... again

I as well, keep losing the toolbar. I uploaded the Firefox version 42 and still nothing.This is what a Norton representative wrote me today during a chat session.

"The latest update of Firefox by Mozilla contains significant changes that affect how certain extensions work with Firefox browser. This significant change in Mozilla technology requires significant redesign and implementation to offer an equally secure toolbar.

 You may also see the message: "Norton Toolbar could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution." We have submitted the Norton Toolbar extension to Mozilla and the signing/verification process is in progress.

  We are are aware of this and are working with our Firefox counterparts to fix this, the first phase for the patch may come on the 2nd week and the final patch may come on the last week of November."

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