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Norton vs Chrome Password Managers- compatible or conflicting?

Looking for some guidance. I have used the Norton Vault for storing passwords in the past but am also currently using the native password manager that is built into the Chrome browser. I have saved passwords over the years to both. I am currently being prompted to install the new Norton Password Manager extension for Chrome. Should I do this? I have no idea if this will override the passwords in Chrome or whether they are compatible? Does it make sense to have both active at the same time? I seem to get prompted by both at times? I have no idea what passwords are saved to Chrome vs the Norton vault? I am very weary to take any actions for fear I will lock myself out of important apps and websites. I am very confused, Can you tell? LOL. Any guidance or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Would it make sense to clear all passwords and start from scratch with one or the other? Not that I would know how to do this. Please help!



Re: Norton vs Chrome Password Managers- compatible or conflicting?

Hell Ben. This Norton article should get you started. My recommendation is use NPWM, Google already has enough of our information as it is. The article will help you import the data Chrome has into a fresh Norton PWM vault.


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Re: Norton vs Chrome Password Managers- compatible or conflicting?

You can use multiple password managers on the same computer. You should just keep one active at a time to avoid having overlapping icons in a login box, as in my image below. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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