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Norton Webs site reported as dangerous

When entering 'Norton' in Google search a (ficticious) Norton Advert (posing as Norton) comes up at the top of the search. When you click on this advert you get the attached 'Dangerous Site' message. 


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Re: Norton Webs site reported as dangerous


Symantec-Norton.com is a registered worldwide partner of Norton by Symantec. Our goal is to drive qualified, or ‘informed’, traffic to the various Symantec online stores throughout the world. For the visitors that come to our site without knowing exactly what they need, we take it to educate them about Norton by Symantec’s wide array of products so they can purchase those that best fit their needs. For those of you who already have a product in mind, we channel you directly to the right location on the Symantec store website for your country so there is no time wasted on your side – We basically do the work on your behalf so you can access your product quickly and painlessly.

Think about it: Norton by Symantec sells dozens of products in dozens of languages. Between PC security and Mac products, consumer and small business offerings, it’s easy to get lost. Let us help: you could be downloading your antivirus solution in a matter of minutes, or order the CD version if you prefer. Either way, it’s easy.

Of course, like everyone else you want the best price for your purchase. Again, Symantec-Norton.com offers something unique in a sense that Norton by Symantec allows us to pass on to you coupons and promotions that are not available through other online channels. That’s right, as a registered partner of Symantec Corporation, not only do we make your purchase experience easier, we also save you money. That alone is probably a good reason why you should bookmark us because promotions always change and your next renewal is closer than you’d think!

Symantec-Norton.com is operated and maintained by Right Search, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, right in the heart of sunny Silicon Valley. As a matter of fact, we’re just a couple of miles away from our friends at Norton by Symantec. We’re online partners and almost neighbors in real life. That is what we call being in a tight relationship!


How are you affiliated with Norton by Symantec? Are you a dealer?
We are a registered partner of Norton by Symantec, selling their entire suite of software products. Norton by Symantec carefully selects their partners and we are pleased to have a relationship with them. They have placed their trust in us to represent, sell and advertise their products. 



Re: Norton Webs site reported as dangerous

creativemagicman. What happens in search results is people pay big money to have their URL's listed high or at the top of search results. Thus the small icon that may appear named "ad" as a small shield. A lot of illegitimate URL's get positioned this way to up their chances of someone arriving at their website, whether for a drive-by code injection or other nefarious things. This is what you are seeing.


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Re: Norton Webs site reported as dangerous


Their website should start with https not http by now

Have a Good Night and


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