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Norton for Windows 10 - took my PC to its knees.

First and foremost I am very disappointed with Norton.  I have been hounded every day with Norton advertisement messages telling me to upgrade to Norton for windows 10.  I have been unable to shut down the messages. I even tried to edit the registry to prevent the endless stream of advertisements. This form of advertising is bullying the customer into submission. 

When I gave up trying to stop the annoying ads, I downloaded the software, and my system Win 8.1 crashed.  When I tried to restart my machine would flash from screen to screen with no way to fix the problem. After numerous attempts at safe mode hindered by screen flashing, I was able to uninstall Norton for win 10.  After more upgrade to Win 10 messages (endless) I tried the upgrade again.  This time I used the Norton removal tool.  After installation my biometric device was trashed, my startup takes 50-80% longer, my Chrome browser would not work without reinstall, and the whole system runs like a dog.

I feel like I have been ambushed by Norton... why would any company use bullying tactics to force a migration.  Particularly with all of the problems with the install.

Can anyone tell me why this had to be done this way, with no way to opt out?

Very disappointing indeed. 


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Re: Norton for Windows 10 - took my PC to its knees.

Hi DavidA - Welcome to the Community Forums! 

I understand your disappointments...  Each of the items you have described have been noted by others who have been posting about there dilemmas here in forums.

For example - The upgrade nags (which forced you onto this unfortunate road,) are a now well documented issue ...


...and one for-which the Norton programmers are promising a remediation...


...note too that there is an unofficial "community member, suggested workaround" that most who have tried it, consider it a successful relief for the problem...


As to the flashing screen problem you encountered after acceding to the "nags" and permitting the upgrade install, that too has now been well documented...


As to the road ahead -
You've not stated as to where you are at this point, functional (or not) system-wise - But I can say that if you'd like to roll-back to the previous version of the Norton product (that worked for you - and not again be continuously nagged to upgrade,) there are several folks here that can help you successfully accomplish that goal.

Just let us know if you'd like some help accomplishing that...


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