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Notron identity safe will not uninstall

I've tried the tool which removes all Norton products but this vault is still there. I went to my task manager and theres two files running in the background named NST.exe I've tried reinstalling this cloud vault but it just brings me here https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/norton-identity-safe/2014/solutions/...

I'm just trying to uninstall Norton Identity safe. Any and all help is appreciated.



Re: Notron identity safe will not uninstall

hi Jmphifer

Do you have a stand alone Norton ID Safe or is it part of your Norton Product?

If a stand alone version you can remove it in the usual way using the Windows Uninstall a Program however, if it is part of your Norton Product you are not able to uninstall it separately from the Product. You can turn it off from your main Norton window by clicking Settings>Identity Protection then changing the setting Identity Safe to off.



Re: Notron identity safe will not uninstall

Hi jmphifer,

In the link your referenced in your original post, the second step is a bit tricky.  It reads:

"In the Vault Closed window, type your password incorrectly for three times."

It should actually read:

"In the Vault Closed window, type a different password incorrectly for three times.

In other words, you can not use the same incorrect password three times - you must use three different incorrect passwords.  XXX, XXX, XXX will not work, but XXX, YYY, ZZZ will work.


Re: Notron identity safe will not uninstall

Well I forgot to mention that I can't the program's location. I've looked in the most obvious places and can't seem to find it.

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