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This forum thread needs a solution.

NS flagging Adguard and removing files AGAIN

Ugh. I cant even install the latest release. NS flags and starts removing files during install. Been through this before MANY TIMES. FIX IT FOR GOOD NORTON!!!! This game gets real old. NS version




Re: NS flagging Adguard and removing files AGAIN

Adguard was created by untrusted developer by Insight's opinion (Symantec Reputation System) and Symantec Insight doesn't inherit good reputation for this creator+creator doesn't want, that his program has not had false positive detection from some antiviruses, because any developer have to send new version of program for analysis and for add in White List each of security-vendors in advance, this creator haven't sent his program or his program is dangerous by Symantec's opinion (has serious vulnerabilities). Today, false positive happen very often by any security-vendors. Anyway, Adguard's developer should connect with Symantec with help link: https://submit.symantec.com/whitelist/isv/

Link for send False Positive:


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