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NS: Is high CPU usage normal during demand full scan?

Using NS  Does it normally exhibit quite high CPU usage during an on-demand full system scan?   Windows 7 with an i7 processor and 8 GB RAM.

Prior to starting the scan my CPU usage is about 0-1%.   When I do a full system scan, CPU usage is 28-35% in the first part of the scan when it is scanning "commonly infected areas and startup files."   Then when it gets to the part where it scans the file system, CPU usage quickly rises to 90-95% and sometimes briefly even 100%.   Memory usage remains around 40-50% of memory and apparently nothing is paged.     The high CPU usage may be expected, since I've noticed that NS excludes itself from high CPU alerts in the settings.    When the scan completes, the CPU usage drops quickly to 0-1% again.   I'm just curious if others see the same thing with almost complete CPU usage.   

The reason I looked is that I recently noticed that during a scan some of my desktop icons briefly flickered, went blank, and regenerated, I presume because CPU was at capacity.


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Re: NS: Is high CPU usage normal during demand full scan?

The scans are going to be CPU intensive. That is why there are scan options to only run when idle. That way it will not interfere with your use of your computer. 

I just started a full system scan and checked my task manager. I saw the same results you did, with the CPU usage hitting 100% once the file system is being scanned. 

My system is Win 10 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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