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This forum thread needs a solution.

NS for N360

​A simple question or two.
1. If I download / install a Trial Version of NS: will it uninstall and replace N360 v21.7.0.11 ?
(Don't require BackUp)
2. Any date for the end of NIS / N360, the previous product family ?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: NS for N360

Hello Photo

Finding NIS, N360 in a store will be difficult. The only way of doing it would be to renew thru the Norton Bookstore where you will pay more for the renewal than for Norton Security. Depending on how many devices would determine if you need the Deluxe or the Premier versions. Deluxe = 5 devices, Premier = 10 devices. I don't think we have a date yet where you won't be able to use N360 or NIS. Norton Security will be cheaper and buy it in a store or a reliable online site. It is available by download only.

Installing Norton Security Trial will uninstall N360 if you are not having any issues. It is recommended to backup Identity Safe if you use it. Since you have the 21.7 version, I would recommend that you uninstall it using Control Panel method and NRT because you are a few versions behind. Others will say you don't have to do that unless you are having issues with 21.7.

Hope this helps you.


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