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After running the Norton Power Eraser it was discovered that I had a ntshrui.dll which is to my knowledge a form of Trojan virus which works with the Explorer Plugin. However, even though it was discovered the Norton Power Eraser could not fix it but offered an option to send file to Symantic. After several days of rescanning my computer I saw that the problem was still there. I then proceeded to speak with a Norton Service rep that explained the problem was taken care of after a Remote Session of reviewing my PC. I am not confident that this even helped because after much stalling from the representative and his assurances of it being fixed the problem still exists two days later after I scanned the computer again.

Why is this so difficult to get help. If anyone can offer assistance I would greatly appreciate it. I am hesitant to have another Remote Session with a Norton representative because I feel this could compromise my computer even more.

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Re: ntshrui.dll

How did you determine that the file is a trojan? What is the location of the file as reported by NPE?

Information I found shows that this file is a Windows system file that is s Shell Extension for Windows Explorer.    See   http://www.file.net/process/ntshrui.dll.html

This shows an example of how NPE is a very aggressive and can flag valid system files as malware. And if you blindly allow NPE to remove what it finds, it can leave your system unbootable.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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