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Number of files scanned seems low?

I recently installed Norton Security Online (Comcast version).  I ran a full scan today and it did about 388,000 files. Previously I had Windows Defender and a full scan would do about 500,000 files.  Why is there such  a difference...seems Norton is missing a bunch?  Thanks

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Re: Number of files scanned seems low?

Hi, Jeff. Norton will not scan files it knows to be safe.

If you go to the UI and select Security > Scan > Norton Insight > Running Processes let that scan run, then in the drop down tab select All Files, and let that run.

From then on, Norton will only scan new and changed files.

Hope that helps.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Number of files scanned seems low?

You cannot compare file counts between different products.  Scanners each use their own methods to define the number of files present.  Some are more granular than others, such as when scanning files in compressed folders.

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