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This forum thread needs a solution.


I posted a question in April of 2017 about installing Norton Security on my Surface RT 8.1. Unfortunately, they were not helpful because the App will not run on my device. When I tried I was instructed to go to the windows store to find apps that will run. I cannot find ANY Norton products. This device was nice when I bought it but now.... it's getting tiresome. Any Norton Techs can weigh in. Thanks


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Re: oblivious


I am not a Norton Tech, however, the following two links may provide you some answers (one in  reagrds to operating system and one in regard to your Surface - although on the older side):   



Hopefully others will provide additional answers.

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Re: oblivious

All: As Guru yank has linked to here is a more recent MS article regarding Surface and Windows 8.1 RT. Windows 8/8.1 RT is locked down set to run ONLY apps available from the MS store. Avast is showing as available on the MS store and compatible with ARM/x86/x64. The hardware architecture of RT is based on ARM, Norton products require a native x86/x64 based architecture to run. Hope this helps.


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