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Online backup is empty

I have been using online backups and decided to restore my computer. Before restoring, I checked on the Norton app to ensure I had an existing backup, which it did, so I restored my computer. I redownloaded the Norton app, and checked on the website for my online backup, and it is empty. How can I find my files?

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Re: Online backup is empty

Hi jordocool.

Welcome to the Norton Community Forums.

Sorry to hear of your problems.  Can you give us a bit more information so that we have a better understanding of what is happening?

What Norton product were you using to do the backup?

You say that you checked the "Norton app" before that the backup was there.  Can you give some more details of what you checked, how and what you were shown/told?

Is there any chance that you may have more than one Norton account?

How many times have you checked the Norton website?  And precisely which website?

I look forward to hearing back from you.


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