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Online backup help

Hi. I've had to restore my laptop back to its factory settings due to a virus. I've tried to access my backup on Norton 360 online backup but there are only 2 options in file actions - download a file and email a file. From reading the backup instructions, there should be a restore option. Please can anyone help? Thanks


Accepted Solution

Re: Online backup help

Hello Claire

Try the following so Norton 360 can retrieve the prior restore history.

  • Open Norton 360.
  • Click on Manage Backup Sets
  • Click Restore Files
  • Click View All in the upper right
  • On the next screen hit Refresh List
  • From there it will connect to the backend and retrieve your prior history

It may have you activate Online Backup first. Follow the on-screen steps if it does.

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Re: Online backup help

Hi Wesley

I followed your instructions & I was able to the locate the files, thanks. I began the restore but after it saying initialising it then said receiving files progress 0.0%. It doesn't however move off 0.0%.

I've bought a new laptop & installed Norton 360 & again followed your instructions but the same happens again in that the progress of the restore does not move off 0.0%

Please can you help?



Re: Online backup help

Hi Claire

Please read the sticky on the top of the forum on how restore works. Best thing to do, after reading that, is start the restore and leave it alone. It is working but just not giving you an update since its still processing server side. 

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