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This forum thread needs a solution.

Online backup - Incremental ?

My web connexion is slow and I barely managed to complete a full backup in a matter of days with my PC always on.

I was expecting NIS Backup to be smart enough to perform incrementals on a monthly basis since then, but it keeps asking me to "fix" my backups by running full backups (>50 Gb).

Is there something I'm missing or is NIS this limited ???



Re: Online backup - Incremental ?

Why would I call your US Tech support ? Isn't getting assistance online the purpose of this forum ?

Also, I'm based in France so I'm definitely not calling your support, especially for such a simple product design question...


Re: Online backup - Incremental ?

The post for support was a spammer. It was not a genuine Norton contact number, so the post has been removed.

This forum is mainly answered by volunteer users who try to help others from our experience with the Norton products.

If you do not get any useful replies, a contact with Norton Support  would be advisable. There are links to Norton chat and Twitter Support on the right side of these forum pages.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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